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werf CI/CD tool and related projects

werf is a CNCF Sandbox CLI tool to implement full-cycle CI/CD to Kubernetes easily. werf integrates into your CI system and leverages familiar and reliable technologies, such as Git, Dockerfile, Helm, and Buildah.

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  1. werf werf Public

    A solution for implementing efficient and consistent software delivery to Kubernetes facilitating best practices.

    Go 4k 198

  2. actions actions Public

    Set of actions for implementing CI/CD with werf and GitHub Actions

    JavaScript 79 5

  3. trdl trdl Public

    The universal solution for delivering your software updates securely from a trusted The Update Framework (TUF) repository.

    Go 238 12

  4. kubedog kubedog Public

    Library to watch and follow kubernetes resources in CI/CD deploy pipelines

    Go 623 45

  5. lockgate lockgate Public

    Lockgate is a cross-platform distributed locking library for Go. Supports distributed locks backed by Kubernetes or HTTP lock server. Supports conventional OS file locks.

    Go 254 16

  6. nelm nelm Public

    Nelm is a Helm 3 alternative and werf deployment engine

    Go 136 1


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