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A solution for implementing efficient and consistent software delivery to Kubernetes facilitating best practices.


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werf is a CNCF Sandbox CLI tool to implement full-cycle CI/CD to Kubernetes easily. werf integrates into your CI system and leverages familiar and reliable technologies, such as Git, Dockerfile, Helm, and Buildah.

What makes werf special:

  • Complete application lifecycle management: build and publish container images, test, deploy an application to Kubernetes, distribute release artifacts and clean up the container registry.
  • Ease of use: use Dockerfiles and Helm chart for configuration and let werf handle all the rest.
  • Advanced features: automatic build caching and content-based tagging, enhanced resource tracking and extra capabilities in Helm, a unique container registry cleanup approach, and more.
  • Gluing common technologies: Git, Buildah, Helm, Kubernetes, and your CI system of choice.
  • Production-ready: werf has been used in production since 2017; thousands of projects rely on it to build & deploy various apps.


The quickstart guide shows how to set up the deployment of an example application (a cool voting app in our case) using werf.


The installation guide helps set up and use werf both locally and in your CI system.


Detailed usage and reference for werf are available in documentation in multiple languages.

Developers can get all the necessary knowledge about application delivery in Kubernetes (including basic understanding of K8s primitives) in the werf guides. They provide ready-to-use examples for popular frameworks, including Node.js (JavaScript), Spring Boot (Java), Django (Python), Rails (Ruby), and Laravel (PHP).

Community & support

Please feel free to reach developers/maintainers and users via GitHub Discussions for any questions regarding werf.

Your issues are processed carefully if posted to issues at GitHub.

You're also welcome to:

  • follow @werf_io to stay informed about all important news, new articles, etc;
  • join our Telegram chat for announcements and ongoing talks: werf_io. (There is a Russian-speaking Telegram chat werf_ru as well.)


This contributing guide outlines the process to help get your contribution accepted.


Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.

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