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Open-sourcing useful pieces of code


  1. Detox Detox Public

    Gray box end-to-end testing and automation framework for mobile apps

    JavaScript 11k 1.9k

  2. react-native-navigation react-native-navigation Public

    A complete native navigation solution for React Native

    MDX 13k 2.7k

  3. react-native-calendars react-native-calendars Public

    React Native Calendar Components 🗓️ 📆

    TypeScript 9.3k 2.9k

  4. react-native-ui-lib react-native-ui-lib Public

    UI Components Library for React Native

    TypeScript 6.2k 692

  5. stylable stylable Public

    Stylable - CSS for components

    TypeScript 1.3k 62

  6. greyhound greyhound Public

    Greyhound - Rich Kafka client library

    Scala 505 34


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