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Live demo here.


WorkAdventure is a web-based collaborative workspace presented in the form of a 16-bit video game.

In WorkAdventure you can move around your office and talk to your colleagues (using a video-chat system, triggered when you approach someone).

See more features for your virtual office:

Community resources

Check out resources developed by the WorkAdventure community at awesome-workadventure

Setting up a production environment

We support 2 ways to set up a production environment:

  • using Docker Compose
  • or using a Helm chart for Kubernetes

Please check the Setting up a production environment guide for more information.


WorkAdventure also provides a hosted version of the application. Using the hosted version is the easiest way to get started and helps us to keep the project alive.

Setting up a development environment


These installation instructions are for local development only. They will not work on remote servers as local environments do not have HTTPS certificates.

Install Docker and clone this repository.


If you are using Windows, make sure the End-Of-Line character is not modified by the cloning process by setting the core.autocrlf setting to false: git config --global core.autocrlf false


cp .env.template .env
docker-compose up

The environment will start.

You should now be able to browse to http://play.workadventure.localhost/ and see the application. You can view the Traefik dashboard at http://traefik.workadventure.localhost

Note: on some OSes, you will need to add this line to your /etc/hosts file:

/etc/hosts oidc.workadventure.localhost redis.workadventure.localhost play.workadventure.localhost chat.workadventure.localhost traefik.workadventure.localhost xmpp.workadventure.localhost extra.workadventure.localhost icon.workadventure.localhost map-storage.workadventure.localhost uploader.workadventure.localhost maps.workadventure.localhost api.workadventure.localhost front.workadventure.localhost

You can also start WorkAdventure + a test OpenID connect server using:

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml -f docker-compose-oidc.yaml up

(Test user is "User1" and his password is "pwd")


See our troubleshooting guide.