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MicroPython Library for SX1276 (A Long Range Radio Chip from Semtech)


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This repo implements more than basic SX1276 operations while Learn_SX1276 shows all the basics.


MicroPython Library for SX1276 LoRa radio modem


  • MAC layer (half-duplex).
    • One SX1276 can send a "REQ" packet (in a blocking way) and expect a specified SX1276 to respond with an "ACK" packet. This process is handled by this library.
    • One SX1276 can send a "BRD" packet (in a non-blocking way) and expect no "ACK" reply.
  • Implement FHSS (first?)
    • FCC mandates frequency hopping if dwell time is above the threshold 400ms.
    • Large spreading factor and narrow bandwidth can significantly prolong the dwell time so that freq hopping is necessary for transmiiting large packet.


  • Upload to MCUs (Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 V2)
  • Run and on two separate MCUs

My dev environment

  • Two MCUs with SX1276 (ESP32: Heltec WiFi LoRa 32 V2)
  • Flash MCUs with MicroPython
  • Connect two MCUs to a Linux Machine with VSCode via USB
  • Install Pico-W-Go extension for VSCode
  • Open sender/receiver folders in two VSCode windows
  • Configure sender/receiver projects for Pico-W-Go
  • Specify the "Manual Com Device" in Pico-W-Go and restart the Pico-W-Go
  • Play with Pico-W-Go commands

Console Output of sample code


  • To prove the point of frequency hopping, I use a RTL-SDR to monitor the spectrum. In following waterfall diagram, we see the signal hops between 914 and 916MHz as I programmed it to be.
  • FHSS is not necessary if the message is short. For example, a 29Bytes packet can be transmitted under 400ms, given parameters {SF:10, BW:125kHz, CR:4/5, Header: Explicit , Preamble: 6}.
    Download the above air time calculator


  • FHSS feature can be turned off by only specifying one frequency in channels2Hopping / FHSS_list.
  • It is meaningless to do Channel Activity Detection (CAD) before Tx because SX1276 only match elusive preambles which last few milliseconds. No good solution to do Listen Before Talk or CSMA.


MicroPython Library for SX1276 (A Long Range Radio Chip from Semtech)








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