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Your entire server infrastructure at your fingertips

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XPipe is a new type of shell connection hub and remote file manager that allows you to access your entire server infrastructure from your local machine. It works on top of your installed command-line programs and does not require any setup on your remote systems. So if you normally use CLI tools like ssh, docker, kubectl, etc. to connect to your servers, you can just use XPipe on top of that.

Open Source & Contributing

Besides from the main repository, you will also find various used helper libraries, package manager reposities, and the documentation website repository here. If you're interested in contributing, you can find contribution tips and guidelines in the repositories themselves.


  1. xpipe xpipe Public

    Your entire server infrastructure at your fingertips

    Java 2.2k 63

  2. xpipe-ptb xpipe-ptb Public

    XPipe PTB (Public Test Build) Releases


  3. Public

    JavaScript 2

  4. modulefs modulefs Public

    A file system implementation to access the contents of Java modules in a unified way.

    Java 25 1

  5. homebrew-tap homebrew-tap Public

    🍺 Homebrew tap for XPipe

    Ruby 1 1

  6. choco_bucket choco_bucket Public

    The bucket repository for chocolatey releases

    PowerShell 1


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