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Quadrotor control, path planning and trajectory optimization

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Quadrotor Control, Path Planning and Trajectory Optimization



(Click the image above to watch real quadrotor demonstrations)

Following MEAM 620 Advanced Robotics course at University of Pennsylvania.

🚫 For Penn students: Please DO NOT spoil the learning experience by using this repository as a shortcut for your assignments. Most importantly, DO NOT violate the honor code!

Repository Contents

This repository contains MATLAB code for:

  • Quadrotor PD controllers
  • Path planning algorithms (Dijkstra, A*)
  • Trajectory optimization algorithms (Minimum Snap/Acceleration Trajectory)

If you use this software in your publications, please cite it using the following BibTeX entry:

  author = {Lu, Yiren and Cai, Myles and Ling, Wudao and Zhou, Xuanyu},
  doi = {10.5281/zenodo.6796215},
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PD Controller

  • Run code: change trajectories in file control/runsim.m and run.
  • See quadrotor_dynamics.pdf for dynamic modeling of the quadrotor.
  • See control/controller.m for implementation of the PD controller.
  • Visualization below. Desired (blue) vs Actual (red)

Trajectory 1: Step

step step step

Trajectory 2: Circle

step step step

Trajectory 2: Diamond

step step step

Path Planning and Trajectory Optimization

  • Run code: traj_planning/runsim.m and run path 1 or path 3.
  • See project_report.pdf for more details about trajectory generation
  • See traj_planning/path_planning/dijkstra.m for implementation of path finding algorithms (dijstra, A*).
  • See traj_planning/traj_opt7.m for implementations of minimium snap trajectory.
  • See traj_planning/traj_opt5.m for implementations of minimium acceleration trajectory.
  • Visualization below.

Minimum Acceleration Trajectory

step step step

step step step

Minimum Snap Trajectory

step step step

(with way points constraints)

step step step