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If you want to contribute to rtty, please follow these simple rules:

  1. Press the fork button:


  2. Clone the repository from your account with:

    git clone
  3. Create a new branch with:

    git checkout -b "rtty-1-fix"

    You can name it however you want.

  4. Make your changes

  5. Commit and push your changes, then make a pull request from Github.

    git commit --signoff git push origin rtty-1-fix

  6. Awaiting review, if accepted, merged!


Please, don't forget to update your fork. While you made your changes, the content of the master branch can change because other pull requests were merged and it can create conflicts. This is why you have to rebase on master every time before pushing your changes and check that your branch doesn't have any conflicts with master.

Thank you.