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Identity infrastructure, simplified for you.

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ZITADEL - Identity infrastructure, simplified for you.

The open source identity infrastructure for developers, acts as drop-in multi-tenancy auth solution with self-service for all your B2B needs.

ZITADEL Repositories

  • zitadel the turnkey solution for your consumer and business customer identity needs
  • typescript contains all TypeScript and JavaScript packages and applications you need to create your own ZITADEL Login UI.
  • oidc is our open source and certified OpenID Connect Go library powering ZITADEL
  • saml the open source SAML 2.0 Go library used by ZITADEL
  • passwap provides a unified implementation between different password hashing algorithms. It allows for easy swapping between algorithms, using the same API for all of them.
  • examples explore our client example applications in various tools, languages and frameworks.
  • actions contains different javascript snippets that can be used as Actions in ZITADEL to run custom code based on events
  • zitadel-go our go SDK provides you a convenient way to use ZITADEL for Authentication and Authorization as well as access to our API
  • terraform-provider-zitadel is our official terraform provider to manage ZITADEL's resources
  • zitadel-charts provides our users with a helm chart for an easy deployment on Kubernetes
  • homebrew-tap an auto generated brew formula for our dear mac users, works with intel and apple silicon
  • zitadel-tools a small tool to work with JWT profiles

How to engage with ZITADEL

Who is behind ZITADEL

Behind ZITADEL is an aspiring team of talented people who have a combined identity space knowledge of over 50 years. Prior of starting ZITADEL the founders worked for a public sector company, where they built and operated a complex service provider grade identity system. This helped the company to provide IT services to government entities, first responders and citizens alike.


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  1. zitadel zitadel Public

    ZITADEL - Identity infrastructure, simplified for you.

    Go 7.5k 452

  2. oidc oidc Public

    Easy to use OpenID Connect client and server library written for Go and certified by the OpenID Foundation

    Go 1.2k 129

  3. saml saml Public

    A SAML 2.0 server (IdP) implementation written for Go

    Go 36 6

  4. zitadel-go zitadel-go Public

    ZITADEL Go - The official client library of ZITADEL for an easy integration into your Go project.

    Go 63 20

  5. actions actions Public

    ZITADEL Actions - Easy extensibility with custom code. Think GitHub Actions in an Identity System.

    22 6


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