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QloApps is a Free and Open-source hotel management and reservation system to take a hotel business online. QloApps offers a Property Management System (PMS), a Booking Engine, and an attractive Hotel Website. Elevate hotel operations with QloApps to streamline processes and provide an enhanced experience for both hoteliers and guests.


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QloApps - An open source and free platform to launch your own hotel booking website

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QloApps is one kind of a true open-source hotel reservation system and a booking engine. The system is dedicated to channeling the power of the open-source community to serve the hospitality industry.

From small independent hotels to big hotel chains, QloApps is a one-stop solution for all your hotel business needs.

You will be able to launch your hotel website, showcase your property and take and manage bookings.


In order to install QloApps you will need the following server configurations for hosted and local serves. The system compatibility will also be checked by the system with installation and if the server is not compatible then the installation will not move ahead.

Hosted Server Configurations

  • Web server: Apache 1.3, Apache 2.x, Nginx or Microsoft IIS
  • PHP version: PHP 5.6+ to PHP 7.4
  • MySQL version: 5.1+ to 5.7 installed with a database created
  • SSH or FTP access (ask your hosting service for your credentials)
  • In the PHP configuration ask your provider to set memory_limit to "128M", upload_max_filesize to "16M" , max_execution_time to "500" and allow_url_fopen "on"
  • SSL certificate if you plan to process payments internally (not using PayPal for instance)
  • Required PHP extensions: PDO_MySQL, cURL, OpenSSL, SOAP, GD, SimpleXML, DOM, Zip, Phar

Local Server Configurations

  • Supported operating system: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • A prepared package: WampServer (for Windows), Xampp (for Windows and Mac) or EasyPHP (for Windows)
  • Web server: Apache 1.3, Apache 2.x, Nginx or Microsoft IIS
  • PHP: PHP 5.6+ to PHP 7.4
  • MySQL 5.1+ to 5.7 installed with a database created
  • In the PHP configuration, set memory_limit to "128M", upload_max_filesize to "16M" and max_execution_time to "500"
  • Required PHP extensions: PDO_MySQL, cURL, OpenSSL, SOAP, GD, SimpleXML, DOM, Zip, Phar

Installation and Configuration

1. You can install QloApps easily after downloading QloApps. There are easy steps for the installation process. Please visit QloApps Installation Guide and follow the steps for the successful installation.

2. Or you can install QloApps with docker image. For the docker image of QloApps, please visit Dockerize image of QloApps

  • Docker pull command
docker pull webkul/qloapps_docker


QloApps Core is licensed under OSL-3.0 and Modules authored by Webkul have their applicable license,, kept inside their root directories, while other modules are licensed under AFL-3.0.

The online copy of OSL-3.0 can be found at

The online copy of AFL-3.0 can be found at

Security Vulnerabilities

Please don't disclose security vulnerabilities publicly. If you find any security vulnerability in QloApps then please email us:

Documentation & Demo

QloApps Documentation

QloApps Demo

Link :
username :
Password : demodemo


As a PHP developer who has command on PHP and MySQL and also knows how to use Git or GitHub efficiently, can contribute to code enhancements via pull requests.
For more information about the contribution process please check Contribute to QloApps


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