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Extracts downloads for Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr, Readarr, and/or a Watch folder - Deletes extracted files after import


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Unpackerr runs as a daemon on your download host or seedbox. It checks for completed downloads and extracts them so Lidarr, Radarr, Readarr, and Sonarr may import them. If your problem is rar files getting stuck in your activity queue, then this is your solution.

Not a starr app user, and just need to extract files? We do that too. This application can run standalone and extract files found in a "watch" folder. In other words, you can configure this application to watch your download folder, and it will happily extract everything you download.

Interested? Check out the website with installation instructions:

Website missing what you need? We can chat on Discord too.

What's it extract?

The absolute basics, just ask STaRDoGG. It also extracts recursively, meaning deep within folders, and archives within archives. Tars, Rars, Zips, 7-Zips, Gzips, Tarred gzips and bzips; encrypted rars and 7zips. And ISO disc images. Need something else? Ask. Does it do too much? Let me know what knobs you need. Open a request!


The following fine folks are providing their services, completely free! These service integrations are used for things like storage, building, compiling, distribution and documentation support. This project succeeds because of them. Thank you!

packagecloud GitHub Docker Cloud Go Lift CloudFlare


Yes, please. Just make a pull request and lets chat about it in the PR or on Discord.