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dRonin is an autopilot/flight controller firmware for controllers in the OpenPilot/Tau Labs family. It's aimed at a variety of use cases: acro/racing, autonomous flight, and vehicle research.

dRonin is production ready and released under the GPL.

See for more details.

Supported Targets

Full Support

  • AeroQuad32
  • BrainFPV
  • BrainFPV RE1 (no nav sensors on board)
  • DTFAir DTFc (no nav sensors on board) Also Colibri Race / TBS PowerCube.
  • DTFAir Seppuku
  • Lumenier Lux (only V1, and no nav sensors are on board)
  • OpenPilot Revolution (including many race-only variants)
  • PikoBLX and clones
  • Quantec Quanton
  • Seriously Pro Racing F3 EVO (only the EVO variant) and clones
  • Tau Labs Sparky
  • Tau Labs Sparky2

Limited Support