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Show your setup!

How does the community use evcc? This wiki provides a place where users can share information about their personal evcc installation. Other users can use this as inspiration for setting up or improving their energy management.

How does it work?

  • You must be signed in to GitHub.
  • Click on the green New page button on the top left.
  • Pick a good page title.
    Pattern: username: short list of components
    Example: naltatis: Easee, Sungrow, Solaredge, Tesla, Tibber, ATON P2H
  • Explain your setup in text and images in the depth you like. The page is yours!
  • We don't have a structure template for the content yet. Feel free to experiment and copy parts from others you found helpful. Maybe we'll introduce a template later.

Things you could share

  • How do you run evcc? Raspberry, Docker, ...
  • What does your home installation (meter, PV, battery, tariff, ...) look like?
  • What charger(s) and car(s) do you have?
  • What are your use-cases? Pure solar charging, dynamic tariffs, daily commute, ...?
  • Integrations with other systems like InfluxDB, Grafana, Home Assistant, ...
  • Do you use custom plugins to control stuff evcc doesn't support out of the box?
  • Images of your stickers ;)
  • Your evcc.yaml (without secrets) might be interesting for new users as well.
  • What problem did you have to solve to get it running (wiring, Modbus magic, ...)?

Things you shouldn’t do

  • Keep it descriptive. This is not the place to start a new discussion about features and ideas. Please use discussions for that.
  • Don't edit other people's pages (apart from maybe typo fixing or formatting). Stick to your own.

Can I write in German, French, ...?

Yes, please! Write in the language you're most comfortable with. If others are interested in your setup and don't speak your language, they will Google Translate it 😄

We're looking forward to your contributions.

💚 Thanks to bastian-io for the idea for this space and rediculum, who started the Show off your stickers! thread.