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Foomo web framework

Welcome to foomo

“Stuff we wrote, because nobody else wanted to”

Foomo is an open source organisation of bestbytes.

There is a growing amount of documentation on

Who is this for?

Developers, who build:

  • cloud native applications, that will run on kubernetes or another container orchestration
  • Next.js frontends with TypeScript
  • Services with Go

To get an overview of our stack goto

frontend developers

  • use gotsrpc clients to call Go services

backend developers

  • write rpc services with gotsrpc and
    • expose them to other Go services
    • expose them to TypeScript consumers
    • consume other Go services


  • build and orchestrate services in your k8s cluster with squadron

Contentful devs

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  1. pagespeed_exporter pagespeed_exporter Public

    Prometheus pagespeed exporter

    Go 228 30

  2. simplecert simplecert Public

    golang autocert library for letsencrypt

    Go 209 35

  3. gotsrpc gotsrpc Public

    Go TypeScript RPC - expose Go code over http JSON RPC to TypeScript clients, oh and gorpc is much easier with this too

    Go 27 8

  4. keel keel Public

    Opinionated k8s service framework.

    Go 8 3

  5. fender fender Public

    Opinionated validation library.

    Go 3

  6. posh posh Public

    Project Oriented Shell (posh)

    Go 2


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