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Hi! I'm Nath, a passionate Open Source lover and author of Termux:X11. Through GitHub Sponsors, your support can fuel our shared passion for Open Source, enabling further development and innovation.
Support Birgit Olzem: self-taught designer, WordPress expert & author. Fostering empowerment, empathy & understanding through art, despite health challenges. Support her mission to uplift women and underrepresented groups in tech.
Support davidfer1112's open source work I'm a learning enthusiast with a curious spirit. I love sports, spending time with friends, and embrace a cheerful, companionable nature. Join my sponsorship, and let's embark on this exciting journey together!
Wasp is a Rails-like web app framework for React, Node.js and Prisma. Develop your app in a day and deploy it with a single CLI command.
Senior developer with 20+ years experience. WordPress Core Committer, FOSS contributor.
OpenAQ is a nonprofit that helps communities around the world fight air inequality with open data and open-source tools.
Support ufcpp's open source work 更新のモチベになります。
I am a physicist currently working as a professor in a Brazilian federal education center called Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca. In my free time I develop EasyEffects and other free software for the Linux platform.
Creative Scala's goal is to make Scala fun. We do this by creating training material that introduces Scala through non-traditional means, and libraries that unleash digital creativity.
Support The ClemBotProject's open source work in providing services to every discord user!
Mike Rydstrom, known on X/Twitter as @RydMike, a Flutter open source packages author and FlutterDev contributor.
Hi there, I'm Hakan ✋ working as a Search Engineer at Digital Science. GitHub is a momentous gift for us to participate in the open-source world.
Utvikler kule tjenester for folk. Liker å bidra der jeg kan og ved å sponse meg vil jeg kunne gjøre det oftere!
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