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Open-source tool to enforce privacy & security best-practices on Windows, macOS and Linux, because privacy is sexy


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Enforce privacy & security best-practices on Windows, macOS and Linux, because privacy is sexy.

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💡 Regularly applying your configuration with is recommended, especially after each new release and major operating system updates. Each version updates scripts to enhance stability, privacy, and security. application


  • Rich: Hundreds of scripts that aims to give you control of your data.
  • Free: Both free as in "beer" and free as in "speech".
  • Transparent. Have full visibility into what the tweaks do as you enable them.
  • Reversible. Revert if something feels wrong.
  • Accessible. No need to run any compiled software on your computer with web version.
  • Secure: Security is a top priority at with comprehensive safeguards in place.
  • Open. What you see as code in this repository is what you get. The application itself, its infrastructure and deployments are open-source and automated thanks to bump-everywhere.
  • Tested. A lot of tests. Automated and manual. Community-testing and verification. Stability improvements comes before new features.
  • Extensible. Effortlessly extend scripts with a custom designed templating language.
  • Portable and simple. Every script is independently executable without cross-dependencies.


Sponsor 💕. Consider sponsoring on GitHub Sponsors, or you can donate using other ways such as crypto or a coffee.

Star 🤩. Feel free to give it a star ⭐ .

Contribute 👷. Contributions of any type are welcome. See as the starting point. It includes useful information like how to add new scripts.

Additional Install Options

  • Check the releases page for all available versions.
  • Other unofficial channels (not maintained by for Windows include:
    • Scoop 🥄 (latest version):

        scoop bucket add extras
        scoop install
    • winget 🪟 (may be outdated):

        winget install -e --id

      With winget, updates require manual submission; the auto-update feature within will notify you of new releases post-installation.


Refer to for Docker usage and reading more about setting up your development environment.

Check for an overview of design and how different parts and layers work together. You can refer to for a closer look at application layer codebase and for code related to GUI layer. explains the YAML files that are the core of the application and documents how to use templating language in those files. In, you can read more about the pipelines that automates maintenance tasks and ensures you get what see.

docs/ folder includes all other documentation.


Security is a top priority at An extensive commitment to security verification ensures this priority. For any security concerns or vulnerabilities, please consult the Security Policy.


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