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Coroot continuously audits telemetry data to highlight issues and weak spots in your infrastructure


  1. coroot coroot Public

    Coroot is an open-source APM & Observability tool, a DataDog and NewRelic alternative 📊, 🖥️, 👉. Powered by eBPF for rapid insights into system performance. Monitor, analyze, and optimize your infra…

    Go 4.3k 156

  2. coroot-node-agent coroot-node-agent Public

    A Prometheus exporter based on eBPF that gathers comprehensive container metrics

    Go 283 49

  3. coroot-pg-agent coroot-pg-agent Public

    A Prometheus exporter for Postgres focusing on query performance statistics

    Go 116 15

  4. coroot-aws-agent coroot-aws-agent Public

    A prometheus exporter that gathers metrics from AWS services.

    Go 19 6


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