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Open Source

Open source is a term denoting that a product includes permission to use its source code, design documents, or content. It most commonly refers to the open source model, in which open source software or other products are released under an open source license as part of the open source-software movement. Use of the term originated with software, but has expanded beyond the software sector to cover other open content and forms of open collaboration.

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ๅšๆŒๅˆ†ไบซ GitHub ไธŠ้ซ˜่ดจ้‡ใ€ๆœ‰่ถฃๅฎž็”จ็š„ๅผ€ๆบๆŠ€ๆœฏๆ•™็จ‹ใ€ๅผ€ๅ‘่€…ๅทฅๅ…ทใ€็ผ–็จ‹็ฝ‘็ซ™ใ€ๆŠ€ๆœฏ่ต„่ฎฏใ€‚A list cool, interesting projects of GitHub.

  • Updated May 29, 2024