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This tutorial offers a comprehensive guide on setting up secure Remote Desktop (RDP) & SSH connections using Cloudflare's Cloudflared service. This tutorial aims to provide users with a method to access their desktops remotely without compromising security, leveraging Cloudflare's tunneling technology to create a safe, encrypted connection path.

  • Updated May 28, 2024
  • Batchfile

✅Sing-BOX auto one-key script installer [Vless-Reality, VMESS-WS (TLS), Hysteria2, TUIC5]: try cloudflared ARGO tunnel, dual certificate switch, multiple port jump, custom domain name diversion. Display sharing links, nekobox, nekoray, Clash-Meta configuration, output configuration to eat SFA/SFI/SFW client, xray v2ray sagernet xui x-ui

  • Updated Jan 28, 2024
  • Shell

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