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InternGPT (iGPT) is an open source demo platform where you can easily showcase your AI models. Now it supports DragGAN, ChatGPT, ImageBind, multimodal chat like GPT-4, SAM, interactive image editing, etc. Try it at (支持DragGAN、ChatGPT、ImageBind、SAM的在线Demo系统)

  • Updated Jun 9, 2024
  • Python

An open-source project dedicated to tracking and segmenting any objects in videos, either automatically or interactively. The primary algorithms utilized include the Segment Anything Model (SAM) for key-frame segmentation and Associating Objects with Transformers (AOT) for efficient tracking and propagation purposes.

  • Updated Apr 25, 2024
  • Jupyter Notebook

收集 CVPR 最新的成果,包括论文、代码和demo视频等,欢迎大家推荐!Collect the latest CVPR (Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition) results, including papers, code, and demo videos, etc., and welcome recommendations from everyone!

  • Updated Apr 25, 2024

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