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Allows invisible watermarking of text and invisible encrypted messages. Uses 17 different invisible characters as HEX + delimiter. Includes encoder, decoder, spammer and other tools‬⁨⁠⁢⁠⁩⁠​⁠⁩⁠​‎⁠‎­⁠‎⁠⁩‍⁠⁠​⁩⁠‎⁠​⁨⁠​⁠⁠​‬⁠​‬⁠⁩⁠‬⁠‎⁠‍⁠​‬⁠‎⁠⁨⁠‎‍⁠.

  • Updated Feb 7, 2024
  • JavaScript

A project named "STEGANOGRAPHY TOOLS " that provide 4 types of Steganography { Image, Text, Audio, Video } that hides User's Text message in the desired cover file using the tool and can send it to the receiver who can extract the Hidden message using the same tool .

  • Updated Nov 25, 2023
  • Python

StegoCrack is a simple password cracking tool specialized in steganography, using steghide. It provides methods to carry out dictionary and brute force attacks. Educational only and should not be used for illegal purposes.

  • Updated Jan 24, 2024
  • Python

This project "STEGANOGRAPHY TOOLS" showcases algorithms to hide text message in four different cover file (Text, Image, Audio, Video) and transfer it to the receiver who can extract the hidden message from these files with the same tools.

  • Updated Oct 27, 2022
  • Jupyter Notebook

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