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In the fields of information technology and systems management, application performance management (APM) is the monitoring and management of performance and availability of software applications. APM strives to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service.

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  • Updated May 21, 2024
  • JavaScript

🔥🔥🔥轻量级动态线程池,内置监控告警功能,集成三方中间件线程池管理,基于主流配置中心(已支持Nacos、Apollo,Zookeeper、Consul、Etcd,可通过SPI自定义实现)。Lightweight dynamic threadpool, with monitoring and alarming functions, base on popular config centers (already support Nacos、Apollo、Zookeeper、Consul, can be customized through SPI).

  • Updated Apr 14, 2024
  • Java